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Hello and welcome!

This is my very first post on my brand new blog. After two years of working overnights, I’m finally moving to a “normal” shift. (Yay for returning to the land of the living.) This means more time to spend doing what I love…crafting! I’m one of those people who will see a totally awesome craft and the first thing that pops in my head is how I can make it better or put my own twist on it. I guess you could say I like to think outside of the box. So, my goal – put together a site where people can go to see projects & items that I’ve made. Well…here it is!

Hopefully in the next little while I can get some more content on here…pics of my work, a page all about me *sigh*…stuff like that. For now I’m gonna say goodbye and spend some time making my little blog all pretty. Feel free to contact me with suggestions, ideas, or just to say “hi”. Stay tuned for more stuff…