I Have Issues…Paper Issues!!

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It’s official! I’m truly, absolutely in love with everything about Paper Issues! The cost, the amount of stuff in each bag, the shipping time, the handwritten thank you note…LOVE IT ALL!!

In my last post about the “Swag Bag” I admitted to getting a little carried away and ripping off the tissue paper in my excitement before taking a picture. This time I remembered and look how cute it is! Who wouldn’t get excited after receiving a this pretty little package…right?

Paper Issues "Swag Bag" is wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow!

Paper Issues “Swag Bag” is wrapped in tissue paper and tied with a bow!

So here’s both the January and February “Swag Bags”. How awesome are they?

The January 2015 Paper Issues "Swag Bag"

The January 2015 Paper Issues “Swag Bag”

Contents of the Paper Issues February 2015 "Swag Bag"

Contents of the Paper Issues February 2015 “Swag Bag”

This is one subscription I’ll be sticking with! Now to convince myself to use these goodies in my projects and not just look at them! 🙂

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Take Ten…Again!

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A while ago, I posted about my love/hate relationship with Take Ten Kits. Since that post things have changed. Purchase of the kit club is no longer a subscription but a “first come first serve” basis. From what I have read, there were a lot of mixed reactions with many “subscribers” concerned they would be left in the dark and miss getting a kit. Since I’m no longer a subscriber, I don’t know if there were any problems with the change and I have not seen any posts stating there were. Another change I noticed is the cost of international shipping. It has increased from $7 to $8 a month. So a $10 kit now costs Canadian “subscribers” $18 not including the exchange rate. So disappointing!! 🙁

Always one to look for a deal, a couple of months ago I was able to take advantage of a sale at Take Ten Kits. I bought the November 2014 kit and the Plan Today stamp set for $10. 🙂 The $7 shipping was still too high for my liking but hey…I basically got a stamp set for free!! I’ll be keeping my eye out for more deals and hopefully be able to get all the kits…fingers crossed! 🙂

November 2014 Kit & Plan Today Stamp Take Ten Kits/Studio 29 Designs

November 2014 Kit & Plan Today Stamp Take Ten Kits/Studio 29 Designs

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Paper Issues…I’m in Love!!

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In my last post, I wrote about my frustration with Take Ten Kits. I love the kits but hate the shipping costs so I went on a search for a new, cheap replacement to the Take Ten Kits. I’m thrilled to say that my search paid off and I found a new kit for just $10 and only $4 shipping to Canada! Sign. Me. Up!

Paper Issues has a “Swag Bag” that contains lots of goodies. Their website description is:

Each month you will receive a package full of awesome-delivered right to your door!  It will include the latest embellishments from the manufacturers we carry in the store and sometimes some exclusive products.

Umm, YES!! Just what I’m looking for…yay!!

I ordered my “Swag Bag” and it arrived in record time. That may have something to do with Christmas being just around the corner. I’ll find out for sure next month. Impressed in an understatement. It came wrapped in tissue paper with a pretty red bow. I, of course, ripped the paper off before taking a picture. I promise to try to control myself next month and get a pic first. 🙂 There was even a little thank you note from Paper Issues owner Cassie. Love those little details!!

Everything in the December 2014 Paper Issues "Swag Bag"

Everything in the December 2014 Paper Issues “Swag Bag”

The amount of stuff in this little $10 pack is amazing! There was lots of “Oohh’s” and “Aahh’s” as I went through everything. I can’t wait until next months package!!

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Take Ten Kits…Love or Hate?

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I’d written this post weeks ago and though I published it…nope! Ugh! Anyway…

Earlier this year I made the decision to give Project Life a try. I’d always wanted to have a scrapbook/journal but found the idea of 12 x 12 pages quite intimidating. Seriously, what are you suppose to put on such a big page without taking away from the photos or the pages looking too cluttered or bare. Project Life was just what I was looking for. I could beautifully document life without feeling overwhelmed!

A couple of months ago, I joined a Facebook group devoted to Project Life. The talent of these ladies is beyond incredible. Their work is so inspiring! It was here that I heard about a small company offering monthly pocket scrapbooking kits at only $10 per month…amazing! And shipping was a mere $4…thrilling! As a Canadian, there’s nothing worse then finding an awesome online store only to realize their shipping costs are inflated. I mean, $32 to ship a $5 pen…you’ve got to be kidding, right?

September 2014 Kit - Take Ten Kits

September 2014 Kit – Take Ten Kits

Christmas 2014 - Take Ten Kits

Christmas 2014 – Take Ten Kits

As a Canadian with only one Michael’s store in my province, I purchase 90% of my crafting supplies online. It’s fair to say I know reasonable shipping costs when I see them.You can imagine my disappointment when I was suddenly invoiced a shipping charge of $7 for a $10 kit that weighs 3 ounces and fits in a small padded envelope. The reason for the higher shipping, I discovered, is kits are shipped as a package instead of a large envelope. A package ships for about $8 and includes a tracking number whereas an envelope does not include tracking and ships for $3. Understandably, the owner of Take Ten Kits will not ship as an envelope since she has had problems with lost packages. Call me cheap but I’m unwilling to pay $7 for shipping and have cancelled my subscription. I’m beyond disappointed! I absolutely LOVE the Take Ten kits. I HATE that the shipping costs are so high. I DESPISE that I wasn’t able to pay the cheaper shipping cost even though I was more then willing to risk the package getting lost or damaged. Oh well…c’est la vie!! The search is on for a replacement subscription!!

Until next time…

My Paper Pumpkin ~ Introductory Kit

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Hello again! In my last blog post I told you about the card kits I’ve subscribed to and promised to show some of my projects. I admit it…I’ve had these cards made for weeks and am only now getting around to posting about them. I’m thinking a “to do” list may be in my near future. 🙂

I decided with this kit I would use only the supplies provided. Even though there’s only one card idea supplied with the kit, there’s lots of ideas online from other truly creative and talented people.

So, here they are…

Cards and envelopes made using the Stampin' Up ~ My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Card Kit

Cards and envelopes made using the Stampin’ Up ~ My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Card Kit

The card on the left is a replica of the card suggestion that came with the kit. The second card from the left was inspired by Julie Davidson. The last two cards are my own originals. After the cards were done, I thought the envelopes looked a little plain and boring. It was easy enough to add a bit of color by cutting out the left over outlines of the stickers and adding them to the envelope flaps.

If you have any questions about these cards or anything else, please get in touch. I’d be more then happy to help!!

Until next time…

Card kits…and more!!

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I can’t believe so much time has passed since my last post. Holy moley…it’s crazy!!

In my last post I talked about becoming a Stampin’ Up demonstrator. Well, after some thought I decided against it. I HATE the idea of limiting my creativity. There’s so many awesome products out there that I love to use and want to share with you all.

Last month, while still making my Stampin’ Up decision, I subscribed to two monthly card kits…My Paper Pumpkin and Simon Says Stamp. My Paper Pumpkin had a special offer of 50% off for the first two months with a regular subscription price of $24.95/month. Simon Says Stamp’s monthly subscription fee is $19.95/month. So…they more or less cost the same.

To be honest, I’m not impressed with My Paper Pumpkin. No matter what month you subscribe you’re introductory package is the same. I really like that special touch they have added with the packaging…it’s wrapped in tissue paper and comes with a “thank you” card. But that’s where it ends. Their kit came with 4 cards, 4 envelopes, an ink spot, 2 stamps, 4 embellishments, and a sheet of stickers. Not worth the money…in my opinion! I hate to give up on a product so I’ll remain subscribed for a few more months. Fingers crossed it gets better!!

My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Kit

My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Kit

Stampin' Up - My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Card Kit

Stampin’ Up – My Paper Pumpkin Introductory Card Kit

When I received the Simon Says Stamp kit, it was beyond exciting!! Their kit included a full set of stamps, full 8.5″ x 11″ sheets of cardstock, double sided sheets of 6″ x 6″ designer paper, stencil, ink pad, and a full package of embellishments. This card kit is well worth the money. The creative possibilities with this kit are unlimited. I’ll be remaining a subscriber to the Simon Says Stamp card kits…no question!!

Simon Says Stamp Card Kit - September 2013 "Journey of Life"

Simon Says Stamp Card Kit – September 2013 “Journey of Life”

Check back soon for some pics of the projects I’ve made with these two card kits. It’s sure to be fun…