Lawn Fawn Products Available Here!

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I have been notified by Lawn Fawn that they no longer permit any wholesale customers sell their products on social media/handmade platforms including Facebook and Etsy. For this reason, I have removed all Lawn Fawn products from my Etsy shop.

I’m working hard to get my online shop up and running but in the meantime, please contact me if you’re looking for any Lawn Fawn products.

il_fullxfull.1039609665_8xs4.jpg il_fullxfull.962402042_r0bt.jpg il_fullxfull.1084202145_j866.jpg LF664_StarryBackdrops WoodgrainBackdrops_productImage LF383_FlutterBy LF1130_JustForYou IntoTheWoods_productImage Frosties_productImage LF601_HappyTrails WinterInThePark_productImage WinterSparrows_productImage WinterOwl_productImage LF656_Dream LF598_LoveYouTons LF995_MiniSnowflakes PinkLemonadePetitePaperPack_productImage AcornBrownNarrator_producti ElfGreenNarrators_productim NarratorsFeatherTurquoise_productImage NarratorsGrapefruitPink_productImage LF642_LetsPolkaPetitePaperPack LF742_SweaterWeatherPetitePaperPack FaLaLaPetitePaperPack_produ DaphnesClosetPetitePaperPack_productImage

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