Take Ten Kits…Love or Hate?

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I’d written this post weeks ago and though I published it…nope! Ugh! Anyway…

Earlier this year I made the decision to give Project Life a try. I’d always wanted to have a scrapbook/journal but found the idea of 12 x 12 pages quite intimidating. Seriously, what are you suppose to put on such a big page without taking away from the photos or the pages looking too cluttered or bare. Project Life was just what I was looking for. I could beautifully document life without feeling overwhelmed!

A couple of months ago, I joined a Facebook group devoted to Project Life. The talent of these ladies is beyond incredible. Their work is so inspiring! It was here that I heard about a small company offering monthly pocket scrapbooking kits at only $10 per month…amazing! And shipping was a mere $4…thrilling! As a Canadian, there’s nothing worse then finding an awesome online store only to realize their shipping costs are inflated. I mean, $32 to ship a $5 pen…you’ve got to be kidding, right?

September 2014 Kit - Take Ten Kits

September 2014 Kit – Take Ten Kits

Christmas 2014 - Take Ten Kits

Christmas 2014 – Take Ten Kits

As a Canadian with only one Michael’s store in my province, I purchase 90% of my crafting supplies online. It’s fair to say I know reasonable shipping costs when I see them.You can imagine my disappointment when I was suddenly invoiced a shipping charge of $7 for a $10 kit that weighs 3 ounces and fits in a small padded envelope. The reason for the higher shipping, I discovered, is kits are shipped as a package instead of a large envelope. A package ships for about $8 and includes a tracking number whereas an envelope does not include tracking and ships for $3. Understandably, the owner of Take Ten Kits will not ship as an envelope since she has had problems with lost packages. Call me cheap but I’m unwilling to pay $7 for shipping and have cancelled my subscription. I’m beyond disappointed! I absolutely LOVE the Take Ten kits. I HATE that the shipping costs are so high. I DESPISE that I wasn’t able to pay the cheaper shipping cost even though I was more then willing to risk the package getting lost or damaged. Oh well…c’est la vie!! The search is on for a replacement subscription!!

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