Free Printable Calendar ~ April 2022 ~ Sunflower

Spring has finally come. Temperatures are slowly rising and the snow is melting (I won’t mention the 10ish cm of snow last night 😢). This time of year always feels like a new beginning. It might be the longer days or the increased sunlight. Either way…it’s amazing and I love it! 

The photo for this free printable was taken August 2014 at the community garden in Glovertown, NL, Canada. My husband is originally from Glovertown and has family still living there. We visit every summer. Getting away of the city and enjoying nature never gets old. Whether it’s hiking in the woods or relaxing on the beach, it’s an amazing experience and much needed to reset the mind, body and soul. The sunflower is also a fitting choice for this month. It’s meaning includes happiness, optimism, longevity, peace, admiration, and devotion. It quite possibly surpasses all other flowers in terms of its universal power to bring joy to people. The world could use some optimism and joy right now.🌻

Free Printable Calendar April 2022

Free Printable Calendar ~ April 2022 ~ Personal Use Only

Please remember, freebies are for personal use only! To open as a pdf, simply click the photo above. You can either download or print from there. 

I hope you enjoy these free calendars and, as always, I’d love to see how you use them. Please leave comments and photos on my social media…let me know what you think! Until next time…see you round like a doughnut!

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