Free Printable Calendar ~ August 2021

If I had to pick a favorite month it would be August! The weather is warm (sometimes), the sun is shining (usually) and it’s time for annual vacation (always)!  ♥

Some of my favorite memories with my parents involve camping. Sleeping in a tent/camper/van, listening to the sounds of nature, falling asleep to the crackle of the campfire, listening to birds singing at dawn…years later these memories still give me that warm fuzzy feeling. These days I’m more of a “glamper” then a “roughing it” gal. Sadly my days of sleeping on the ground in a tent are over. It’s heartbreaking but my bones thank me.

Camping and nature just had to be the theme for the free printable calendar for August….hands down!

Free Printable Calendar ~ August 2021 ~ Personal Use Only

If you’ve been around here for a while, you know the drill…freebies are for personal use only! To open as a pdf, simply click the photo above. You can either download or print from there. It’s awesome-sauce!

I hope you enjoy these free calendars and, remember, if you use this printable please leave comments and photos on my social media. I’d love to see how you use these calendars!

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