Free Printable Calendar ~ June 2022 ~ Lazy Fox

When designing the free printable calendar for this month, I was truly lost. Life has been testing my patience and kicking my butt. However, I read a quote a few days ago that really hit home! It was one of those moments when a little light bulb went off in my head. While the quote is simple and nothing I’ve never heard before, it really resonated with me.  

“Keep it simple but significant. The best things in life are not things.” – Unknown 

The photo for the June free printable calendar was taken August 2019 at the Cape St. Mary’s Ecological Reserve, St. Bride’s, NL, Canada. Every year, my husband and I take a day trip to Cape St. Mary’s. There’s something so peaceful and relaxing about the sound of thousands of birds just meters away. It’s one of my most favorite activities. On our annual trip in 2019, we arrived to find this furry cutie taking an afternoon nap on the steps of the Interpretation Centre. He wasn’t one bit bothered by the people trying to get a glimpse or take a photo!

Free Printable Calendar June 2022

Free Printable Calendar ~ June 2022 ~ Personal Use Only

Please remember, free printables are for personal use only! To open as a pdf, simply click the photo above. You can either download or print from there. 

I hope you enjoy these free calendars and, as always, I’d love to see how you use them. Please leave comments and photos on my social media…let me know what you think! Take care, teddy bear! Until next time…

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