Free Printable Calendar ~ October 2023 ~ A New Season

Three cheers for October! And…another free printable calendar! This calendar is easy to print, download, and share with others. And who doesn’t love free! The photo for October 2023 was taken somewhere along the coastline of the Avalon Peninsula in Newfoundland. 

Change can be hard. We’ve all experienced it at some point in our lives. Maybe you feel stuck in a job, relationship, unhealthy habit, or need to start over as a way to pursue a purpose that gives your life meaning. Factors like age and time are out of your control but your mindset IS in your control. Focus on what you can change and you can live the life you dream of. 

Before starting a new chapter in your life, have a clear set of goals and values that will help you identify the changes you need. What areas of your life are you unhappy with? What will make it more fulfilling? As you work toward your goals, take time to reflect on what is working and what needs improvement. Don’t be afraid to adapt. When a new routine fails, make changes. Don’t forget, as you embark on your new journey, give yourself a pat on the back. Celebrating accomplishments is wonderful for your self-esteem and will encourage you to continue making positive changes. It’s never too late to live a life you love!

“Flowers grow back even after the harshest winters. You will too.” ~ Jennae Cecilia

Free Printable Calendar ~ October 2023 ~ A New Season

Free Printable Calendar ~ October 2023 ~ Personal Use Only

Please remember, free printables are for personal use only! To open as a pdf, simply click the photo above. You can either download or print from there. It’s a walk in the park! 

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I hope you enjoy these free calendars and, as always, I’d love to see how you use them. Please leave comments and photos on my social media…let me know what you think! Until next time…

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